Ferguson - Transparency

St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch decided to immediately release as much evidence as possible to the general public immediately after the decision not to indict Darren Wilson:


Was this an attempt to be completely transparent? Or cynically, was this an attempt to further step away for taking responsibility for the duties of his office? Rather than make the decision and have it clearly on his office, and largely him, he offloaded it to a grand jury who we will never meet. Additionally, by releasing the information to people that don't typically look at this information, and allowing them to make their own decisions, it increases the amount of noise on the discussion, further diluting his role in all of this. That's the cynical way to look at it.

One piece from the packet of interest, is Darren Wilson's testimony.

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Ferguson - A Matter of Trust

After 108 days, tonight will mark the hopeful beginning of the healing process for the community of Ferguson. The Ferguson grand jury has made a decision in whether to pursue a criminal indictment of Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown. 

No matter where you stand on this, tonight's response to the decision will come down to a matter of trust. 

Does the community trust that the grand jury was impartial, fair and thorough in its decision? 

Does local and state law enforcement trust that people will peacefully express their freedom of speech, no matter the result, no matter the presence of the National Guard? 

Does anyone trust the decision making process that allowed the announcement to be made at night? Low light and visibility appears to favor those that will abuse their rights to protect or protest under the cover of darkness and the shadows of chaos. 

I hope and pray for the best. I still trust that people feel the same as I do. 

-- wake.eat.sleep

By Any Other Name...

Derrick Rose recently did an interview with ESPN where he talked about his return from his second major injury has been going and his affect to his game.

From the article:

"I'm good, man," Rose said. "I felt like I've been managing myself pretty good. I know a lot of people get mad when they see me sit out or whatever, but I think a lot of people don't understand that ... when I sit out it's not because of this year.

"I'm thinking about long term. I'm thinking about after I'm done with basketball. Having graduations to go to, having meetings to go to, I don't want to be in my meetings all sore or be at my son's graduation all sore just because of something I did in the past. [I'm] just learning and being smart."

Many people did NOT like hearing this at all for various reasons. Sports radio, social media and various columnists like notorious ranter Steve Rosenbloom were ready to share their opinions on him, particularly as a person.

To me, you call it what you will, but I'll call it what it is, hypocrisy

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A Walking Turd and PUA

We interrupt our normal topics to cover something important. There is a fellow named Julien Blanc that normally would not be known outside a smaller group of people, that gained some viral notoriety through a video that has been spreading through the Internet:

He's known as a pickup artist (PUA) and someone that runs a company that teaches his take on PUA principles. By its wiki definition, the intent is sexual relations. 

Many men haven't developed the social charms or skills in meeting women. The PUA community has developed around helping each other understand how to get better at it. It broke into the mainstream due to the publishing of The Game. Once it broke into the mainstream, more and more men and women have emerged to help / "help" men pick up or meet women through videos, blogs and of course paid courses or workshops.

At its best, the goals and principles of PUA is how to better connect with and date women that you are interested in. It teaches and encourages confidence and helping those who may be socially awkward on how to get out of their own way. Truly listening, connecting, reading body language, respecting verbal and non-verbal cues and ultimately looking at women as people. In most cases, it makes no promises that you can have any woman that you want. But that you can be more comfortable and confident in going up to talk to any woman that you want. 

At its worst, it's terrible.

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Trust and Respect / Mistrust and Disrespect

There was the first steps toward closure today when the family of Michael Brown was able to hold a funeral for him today.

Of course, there is still a lot that will still happen in the next couple of weeks and months that will hopefully bring closure and justice for everyone that's been affected: the family of Michael Brown, the police officer involved and his family, the community of Ferguson, the county police and the St Louis area. 

I'll share some of those links in a separate post. Two recent articles have made me think a little bit more about how we got here:

NBA Free Agency 2014...Begin!!

Baring an unexpected surprise, it looks like Carmelo Anthony will return to the Knicks as expected. It will be mildly entertaining to hear the reasons and of course all of the anguish that he must have gone through to make his decision.

LeBron James will be another big name that we should hear from a lot today. Based on all of the reporting so far, I think it will come down to one of two scenarios: He'll stay at Miami for a shorter term contract with a player option (2 years + option), or he'll return home to Cleveland for a 4 year deal. Based on what he does, then Bosh will either stay or sign with Houston.

What about the Bulls? Well, I wouldn't mind if they targeted a certain Spaniard.

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Melo on the Bulls? Final Thoughts

NBA Free Agency is set to begin in less than two hours, and although there may be a few surprises here and there, the people that will really get things going are Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James (and by association Wade and Bosh).

Has my mind been changed on what will happen over the next couple of days?

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Melo on the Bulls? Fool me once...

As it became clear that New York was not going to make the playoffs, stories began to bubble up on the possibility of Carmelo Anthony wanting to opt out of his contract to join another team. Since then there has been a pretty steady stream of official and unofficial reports that lay down the narrative that Melo wants to join the Bulls, and the Bulls want to make it happen. 

Is this really the case? Or is this the same story of another potential free agent using everything in his power to increase his leverage by creating interest? Haven't we seen this story before, with Tracy McGrady and even more recently with the likes of LeBron, Wade, Bosh, etc? Haven't we learned out lesson yet?

Let's break down some of what we've heard.

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